Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

Temperatures are finally going up, the long freeze is over, and you can get those windows open and start refreshing your home! The first thing many people think to do after coming out from under the blankets is to do some good old spring house cleaning.

At Real World Cleaning Services, we know a thing or two about house cleaning in Ohio, so we wanted to offer a few helpful tips to let you get a headstart on your warm weather refresh!

Of course, our biggest tip is to leave the bulk of your spring cleaning to us! While we can’t help you sort through old boxes and determine whether to keep or throw away the stuff in your closet, we can take care of the routine cleaning projects so you can focus on the big stuff!

Regardless of what your spring house cleaning routine looks like, here are some simple tips to make the process easier for you.

Start the Year Off Right with a Deep House Cleaning

We’ve talked before about what a difference a home deep cleaning can make for you. It’s a great way to start the year off by making sure even the deepest nooks and crannies of your home are cleaned out!

When you start with a deep clean, it makes it that much easier to keep up the cleaning throughout the year! It’s a lot less time and effort to quickly wipe down something that’s already been scrubbed clean, especially if it’s been done by a professional cleaning company in Columbus!

Clean From Top to Bottom

This is a golden rule of house cleaning services, at our Ohio homes and pretty much throughout the world. As long as we have gravity to contend with, wiping dirt, dust, and other residue off a surface is going to knock some of it down to a lower surface.

If you’ve already cleaned that lower surface, you’re just doubling your work. This is an obvious one, but it’s an easy one to forget! For example, if you’re cleaning your stovetop, make sure you’ve cleaned the range hood first! And if you’re going to clean your floors or carpets, do so after you’ve cleaned your TV and surfaces in your house!

House Cleaning Means Cleaning Your Air, Too!

Air quality is such an important part of spring house cleaning, but yet so easily overlooked because it’s not something you can “see” being dirty.

Spring is a great time to remember to change your HVAC filters. They build up a lot of dust from filtering your air, and if you neglect changing them, it can result in more dust and allergens floating around your house.

Beware of Allergies and Stay Safe

Speaking of keeping your air clean, if dust and allergies are a problem for you, you might consider an air purifier for your home as well!

Because those allergies and reactions may make your cleaning task difficult, be sure you’re prepared by wearing a mask and gloves for safe cleaning, especially when you’re handling chemical cleaners!

Or just call us for your spring home cleaning and take the day off! For an extra layer of safety, we also offer a disinfectant fogging service to help keep you safe from airborne bacteria and viruses.

Make a Spring House Cleaning Checklist

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have a lot of tasks on your road to house cleaning in Columbus. We’ve all had those moments where we sit down to get some cleaning done and then end up hyper-fixating on a single task or getting distracted by something else.

Keep yourself on task by creating a checklist. This will help keep you organized and make the work not seem so daunting, and besides, it feels great to check something off the list!

Hopefully these tips will get your spring house cleaning checklist off on the right foot, but if not, remember that Real World Cleaning Services can be your backup plan any time!

Happy cleaning!