What’s included in a deep house cleaning?

No matter what kind of cleaning services you’re looking for, Real World Cleaning Services will do a great job that will save you time and leave your home looking great.

But what’s the difference between a deep house cleaning and our normal home cleaning services in Columbus? Both will leave your home clean and comfortable, but a deep cleaning gets into some of those really grimy areas that you don’t look at or think about very often.

Our home deep cleaning services go the extra mile to make sure even the most hidden and difficult areas to clean are taken care of.

But what kinds of specific services can you expect from a deep cleaning?

How is Home Deep Cleaning Different from Routine Cleaning?

In many cases, when you request a professional deep cleaning for your home, the services you actually get will depend on the actual features of your home. In other words, your cleaning services will be customized to what you need to be cleaned in your home.

With a normal home cleaning, you will always get your spaces tidied up, floors and surfaces cleaned, as well as dusting and bathroom cleaning.

But our home deep cleaning services go even further than that. This is where we really get into the time-consuming cleaning tasks that you might save for special occasions.

A deep clean will generally include all the tasks of a normal clean, but also things like cleaning the insides and underneath of appliances, dusting blinds, and scrubbing and cleaning grout in the bathroom.

Other services might include:

  • • Cabinet cleaning
  • • Thorough carpet cleaning
  • • Cleaning refrigerator coils
  • • Deep cleaning baseboards and door frames
  • • Cleaning inside vanities and medicine cabinets
  • • Garbage can sanitation
  • • Descaling faucets
  • • Dusting/cleaning individual
  • • Cleaning vent covers
  • • Cleaning under furniture
  • • Wiping down ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • • Vacuuming and cleaning upholstery

And this is only a partial list of the services that are included. When we work on deep cleaning Columbus homes (and everywhere else in Ohio we work), we look to take care of built-up grime wherever it lies.

Those places can be different in every home, but you can be assured that wherever it is, we will take care of it. We make sure to listen and pay attention so that we’re giving your home the best deep cleaning it can get.

Why Should You Get Home Deep Cleaning Services?

Anyone who has ever cleaned a home before knows there are some tasks that you do all the time just as maintenance, and then there are the project cleaning jobs that you do far less often.

Dirt and grime continue to build up in corners and crevices around your home, and the more you clean around them, the more obvious they become, and the more difficult they become to deal with.

Eventually, it becomes something you know you have to take care of, but dealing with just SOME of those cleaning projects will end up costing you an entire weekend. 

At Real World Cleaning Services, we understand that no resource is more valuable to you than your time. And deep cleaning takes a lot of time. We’re here to give you that time back and do a great job in the process.

Let us take care of those deep cleaning projects you’ve been putting off and give you the time you deserve to spend time with your family, your hobbies, or whatever else you like. You can use your time to recharge and relax, and still have the satisfaction of having those nagging deep cleaning tasks done.

If you want to have that satisfying clean house feeling – you know, the one where you say, “I forgot that was supposed to look like that” – and still keep your precious free time, contact us about your residential deep cleaning today!