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Kids, pets, regular traffic, and everyday wear and tear can make your carpet look dirty. Worse yet, those ground in particles can begin to smell, and that’s a smell hard to miss. It’s embarrassing to have company over when your carpet has both a dingy look and an unpleasant odor. But before you think about replacing your carpet, consider professional carpet cleaning to revive it and give it new life. You can contact us today to discuss your needs and schedule carpet cleaning service at a time that’s most convenient for you.

Carpet Cleaning
For Great Results

Once you have scheduled carpet cleaning service with us, we’ll inspect the areas that need cleaning and provide you with an evaluation of stains that can be removed and ones that are permanent. We then will apply a pre-treatment solution that helps break up heavy soil and trouble spots.

Large furniture such as beds, dressers and entertainment pieces are left in place, should you want the carpet under these areas cleaned, we ask that you have them moved upon our arrival.

We use a state-of-the-art truck mounted carpet cleaning system which provides the best results along with quick dry times.

Check Out Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

  • Pre-Inspection to identify permanent stains
  • Vacuum to remove dry dirt and debris
  • Pre-Spray to break down traffic area dirt
  • Pre-spot tough areas to increase chance of removal
  • Extract and Rinse with hot water
  • Post spot treatment (permanent stains may not be removed)
  • Post groom to leave your carpet standing tall

Upholstery Cleaning

  • Pre-inspection and fabric testing
  • Pre-vacuum to remove dry soil and debris
  • Pre-treatment to loosen bonded soil
  • Pre-spot potentially difficult spots
  • Soil and extraction
  • Post-spot treatment of remaining tough stains
  • Post-spot treatment of remaining tough stains

Tile & Grout Cleaning

  • Pre-inspection to assess area for loose tile and grout
  • Pre-spray spots and stains
  • Agitate grout lines with brush to loosen soil
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Rinse and extract excess water
  • Clean corners and baseboards
  • Seal grout lines to preserve cleanliness

Book cleaning services at a moment’s notice. Just pick a time and we’ll do the rest.

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We’re confident you’ll be happy with our cleaning services! If for any reason you are unhappy about your cleaning, please contact our office within 24 hours and we will send a team back to correct any areas you are unhappy with. We love what we do and truly believe in providing our clients with the highest quality of service! 

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