Tips & Tricks from Real World Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips

Temperatures are finally going up, the long freeze is over, and you can get those windows open and start refreshing your home! The first thing many people think to do after coming out from under the blankets is to do some good old spring house cleaning. At Real World Cleaning Services, we know a thing or two about house cleaning in Ohio, so we wanted to offer a few helpful tips to let you get...

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Tipping for cleaning services: Why, how much, and how often?

“How much should I tip a worker for house cleaning or office cleaning services?” This is a question we’re frequently asked! Every industry is a bit different, so it can be tricky to decide on a gratuity amount that feels both appropriate and a warm gesture of thanks. As a residential and commercial cleaning company, we’re in a great position to give you some clarity on this topic. So, right from the source, here’s the scoop on how much to...

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What’s included in a deep house cleaning?

No matter what kind of cleaning services you’re looking for, Real World Cleaning Services will do a great job that will save you time and leave your home looking great. But what’s the difference between a deep house cleaning and our normal home cleaning services in Columbus? Both will leave your home clean and comfortable, but a deep cleaning gets into some of those really grimy areas that you don’t look at or think about...

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How Much Does House Cleaning Cost?

Plenty of people have had one of those days where they start to wonder about cleaning service cost. You know the house needs to get cleaned up, but you’re either too busy or too tired, or you simply have things you’d rather be doing, like spending time with your family. It’s easy to wave off the idea quickly and assume the cost of professional house cleaning would simply be too high for the average family, but that’s not necessarily the case!...

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