Cleaning Tips

The Best Way To Dust

It can be difficult to know the best way to dust your house. There are so many different products for sale, and dust seems to accumulate so quickly. How can you keep things clean?

Why Dusting is Important

Aside from the obvious aesthetic nightmare that dust on furniture presents, dusting is important for a few other reasons:

The Best Way to Dust So It Doesn’t Spread

If you don’t dust the right way, you can spread dust to your floors and carpet. Keeping the carpet clean is hard enough without spreading dust onto it!

What’s the best way to dust so that it doesn’t spread? Dry dusting solutions can simply wave the particles into the air. Using a wet wipe or even a damp cloth allows you to pick up the dust.

How Often Should I Dust?

The best way to dust is to dust often. Allowing dust to build up will cause more dust to spread around when you actually try to clean it up. If there’s a stack of dust on the shelves, you’ll definitely get some on the floor or in the air when you wipe it off.

Dusting frequently, even when you don’t see a layer of dust, prevents excess dust buildup. By wiping things down at least once a week, you’ll prevent that layer from sticking to the top and sides of surfaces.

Preventing Dust

Dust gets on things in your home for a variety of reasons. Some of it is made of dirt and dead skin cells–which is really gross, though harmless. If you keep the windows open, more particles get carried into the room in the airflow. Dust and dirt stir around the natural currents of the room and land on different objects.

Prevent dust by dusting more often. You can also keep windows closed if you are especially sensitive. Remember that dust doesn’t just build up on hard objects where it is visible. Dust sticks to fabrics as well. Washing bedding and cleaning upholstery frequently prevent dust from building up in those places.

Dusting a Bathroom

Keeping a clean bathroom is important for your health and lifestyle. Dusting in a bathroom is also important for these reasons. You saw earlier that some kinds of dust are more likely to affect your physical health than others. Bathroom dust is in the category of more worrisome dust, because it can originate from less sanitary places.

Start by wiping down the bathroom with disinfectant wipes, before moving to vacuum and mop the floor. Make sure to get some good airflow in the room while cleaning so that you don’t simply stir around bacteria.

Dust in an Office

Because of the health complications that dust can provide, keeping workspaces dust-free can contribute to better focus and less interruption! Commercial cleaning services can help prevent dust buildup in workspaces.

Conclusion: Dust Often

The best way to dust is to prevent the buildup of dust by dusting often. If that sounds overwhelming, residential cleaning service from Real World Cleaning Services might be a perfect solution! You’ll save time and energy while getting all the great benefits of a dusted living space.