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How To Clean A Bathroom: Residential and Commercial Tips

bathroom cleaning

While many of us may have learned how to clean a bathroom, we may not have learned to do it well. In this post, you’ll learn some great tips and tricks that the pros use to make bathrooms look great!

Residential Bathroom Cleaning

You want guests to have a clean bathroom. You also want your family to experience the joy of a clean bathroom. If cleaning is taking too long in your house, try a residential cleaning service.

A great residential cleaning service will save you time and make those bathrooms spotless. The pros already know all the tricks! It’s a lot easier to learn how to clean a bathroom if someone is doing it for you.

Getting Rid of Bathroom Germs

Most people think of the toilet as the dirtiest spot in their bathroom. You might even think of it as the dirtiest spot in your whole home!

But according to one study, the toothbrush holder is actually the spot most likely to contain germs. Scrub down those surfaces that you might miss! Focus on not only the surfaces in the bathroom but most importantly the things that you use in the bathroom.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

There are all sorts of great tips and tricks for cleaning your bathroom.

  • Soak a showerhead in vinegar to make cleaning it easier.
  • Renew chrome fixtures by using lemon.
  • Cotton balls can clean tough to get corners.

How to Clean a Bathroom Mirror

In a commercial setting, the mirror might be secondary. You want it clean, but it doesn’t need to be spotless. The bathroom mirror in your house serves a different purpose. You use it to get ready in the morning and to spot parts of your face that are out of order.

For cleaning a mirror, use a solution that is one part white vinegar and four parts water. This formula will give you a nice shine and allow for a streak-free finish. Wipe off with a microfiber cloth to limit streaking and get that new-mirror shine.

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning

Figuring out how to clean a bathroom in an office is a different ballgame. Office bathrooms are frustrating to keep clean. You want your time spent in the office to be a bit more productive. Hiring a commercial cleaning service gets all of those nooks and crannies cleaned and disinfected. Focus on picking fonts and analyzing spreadsheets, not wiping down toilets!

Still, if you are learning how to clean a bathroom in an office, here are a few tips:

  • Use “Wet Floor” signs to warn people about the clean bathroom. Cleaning bathrooms without proper signage can be a safety hazard and an HR nightmare. Employees can get injured by slipping on wet floors.
  • Start by dusting the floor and emptying the trash. You want to minimize the amount of dirt and germs that get back onto the other parts of the bathroom when you clean them.
  • Make things shine by pulling out the baby oil, or similar product. You’ll get that professional-clean shine by using the right oil for the sinks.
  • Finish by mopping the floor to remove any last dirt and germs.

Home and office bathrooms can be gross and time-consuming to clean! Get a quote to see how much a professional cleaning service might cost you.