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Comprehensive Commercial Cleaning Services in Columbus, OH

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You can count on our truly thorough work which ensures all parts of your property are taken care of. Our packages include

General Office Cleaning

Dusting, wiping, disinfecting & more

Kitchen & Break Area Upkeep

Wiping, scrubbing, sanitizing & more

Restroom Maintenance

Deep disinfection, restocking & more

Office Floor Cleaning

Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming & more

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Quality support for your workplace maintenance

Tidiness and hygiene are essential for both employees' well-being and an impressive client experience. To ensure your space is always in pristine condition without you having to worry about each step of the upkeep process, you can count on the expert team from Real World Cleaning.

We offer a broad range of options including commercial deep cleaning, disinfectant cleaning, everyday janitorial services, and many more solutions tailored to cater to the unique needs of each individual client in Columbus.

Our skilled and dedicated team can ensure every corner of your workspace is spick and span, creating a pleasing environment for both your employees and customers. With our help, you can be assured of stepping into a pristine and organized workspace every single day, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters.

General Office Cleaning

 Polishing furniture, machines, and lighting fixtures

 Dusting exhibition walls, ledges, and window sills

 Sanitizing water dispensers, telephones, and door handles

 Thorough carpet vacuuming, from corner to corner

 Sweeping and shining floors, from wall to wall

 Emptying trash cans & neatening the area

 And an array of additional services!

Kitchen & break area upkeep

Polishing & sanitizing countertops, sink, and faucet

 Refreshing all small kitchen appliances

 Spot treating the exterior of cabinets

 Wall-to-wall floor vacuuming or mopping

 Refilling all necessary supplies

 Discarding the trash & replacing liner

 And an array of additional services!

Restroom maintenance

Wiping & sanitizing toilets and urinals

 Disinfecting counters, sinks, and backsplashes

 Polishing chrome fixtures, mirrors & glass surfaces

 Discarding rubbish & refilling necessary supplies

 Thorough treatment of the floors

 Buffing or all hard floor surface areas

 And an array of additional services!

Office floor cleaning

 Sweeping & polishing of resilient floors

 Specialized treatment for hard floors

 Thorough vacuuming of carpets, rugs & elevators

 Buffing hard floors, stairs & elevator floors

 Application & removal of floor wax if needed

 And an array of additional services!

A go-to choice for workspace upkeep in Columbus

A commitment to not just meet, but exceed your expectations is right at the heart of our philosophy. Regardless of whether you have a big or small office or any other commercial building, our cleaning services for businesses are designed to accommodate all requirements, providing tailor-made solutions that best fit your space and preferences.

Our team, which consists of highly skilled specialists, utilizes state-of-the-art tools and the latest products to ensure your workspace shines brilliantly. We demonstrate our dedication through the consistent delivery of top-notch results.

We stand by our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, instilling confidence in the quality of our work. Our pursuit of continuous improvement is what sets us apart and your feedback plays a vital role in this process. We provide quality surveys as a platform for you to share all your observations about our commercial cleaning services in Columbus, enabling us to constantly improve and maintain transparency about what we do.

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Why are janitorial services important?

Janitorial cleaning services maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment. They not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the premises but also minimize the spread of diseases. A well-maintained space increases productivity, improves the first impression, and promotes overall well-being.

By relying on the help of qualified janitorial cleaners in Columbus with experience in the maintenance of commercial properties, you can ensure regular and detailed upkeep of any space, regardless of its size or purpose.

How do you sanitize a workplace?

To ensure a workplace is free of any pathogens that could pose a threat to the health of people that frequent it, it’s important to keep it sanitary. All surfaces should be treated with appropriate tools and products that are specially formulated to target these germs, but this also includes the maintenance of ventilation systems and encouraging good hygiene. To ensure a completely safe work environment, it’s recommended to outsource the task to one of the office sanitizing companies in Columbus.

What is the difference between industrial and commercial cleaning?

The first one is primarily dedicated to tackling heavy-duty upkeep tasks found in industries such as manufacturing. This may include dealing with large-scale machinery, hazardous materials, and challenging environments.

In contrast, the second one is more suited for office and retail spaces, where the focus is on maintaining hygiene and tidiness and creating a pleasant atmosphere for employees and customers. Industrial cleaners possess specialized skills and equipment due to the nature and scale of the tasks involved.

How often should an office be professionally cleaned?

The frequency at which you’ll want to rely on the help of professional office cleaning services in Columbus depends on factors like the size, number of employees, type of work, and local health regulations. Generally, common areas should be cleaned daily, but thorough treatment may be scheduled weekly or monthly.

What is the most reputable business cleaning company in Columbus, OH & area?

If you want to ensure your commercial property is neat, tidy, and at all times safe, and healthy for everyone, you can count on our business cleaners from Real World Cleaning, a company providing all kinds of customized cleaning services to homeowners and businesses of Columbus and the surrounding area.

Apart from our office and other commercial property cleaning services, you can count on us for:

No matter if you need us in Arena District or in South Columbus, we’ll be there to get rid of all dirt, dust, and germs and bring out the shine of your property. Don’t hesitate, reach out today!


Does Real World Cleaning Services have proper insurance?

Yes, our company is fully insured and bonded. We are general liability insurance, liability umbrella policies, worker’s compensation insurance, auto insurance and janitorial bond insurance for breakage or proven theft.

What types of properties do you clean?

We clean a wide variety of property types, including: retail, financial, healthcare, education, government and automotive. Since opening our doors in 2009, we can confidently say we have cleaned just about any type of property there is.

If there is a problem, who do I call?

You can contact our office and we will be more than happy to address the problem and get the situation resolved.

How do I know the cleaning personnel is spending enough time at my location?

Our fully integrated employee timekeeping system allows us to monitor our staff and hold everyone accountable. We review our employees cleaning times daily.

How often do you clean?

We will clean as often as needed, which may mean daily, weekly, monthly or just one time.

What hours do you clean?

We can during whatever time you prefer- during business hours or after hours.

Are your employees subject to background checks?

Yes, our employees go through a rigorous hiring and training process to ensure we hire only the best cleaning professionals.

Do I need to provide any supplies?

We offer you the choice of using your cleaning supplies or ours.

100% Satisfaction


We’re confident you’ll be happy with our cleaning services! If for any reason you are unhappy about your cleaning, please contact our office within 24 hours and we will send a team back to correct any areas you are unhappy with. We love what we do and truly believe in providing our clients with the highest quality of service!