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What is A Commercial Deep Clean?

Keeping a commercial space clean is no small task, but even with regular cleaning, you’ll notice that those hard-to-reach spots often get neglected. These spots that don’t get cleaned regularly will harbor dirt, grime, and germs, and the best way to handle it is by getting a professional deep clean. While deep cleans are required less than standard cleaning, one could argue that they are more important, but what is a commercial deep clean? A commercial deep clean from Real World Cleaning includes all of the routine cleaning practices and a more thorough cleaning of all of the following areas.

  • Fixtures, Switches, and Handles
  • Vacuum Carpet
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Bathrooms
  • Vents

Switches and Handles

One of the dirtiest parts of any commercial space is the light switches and handles. These seemingly harmless objects are handled by umpteen people every day, and when left alone, the germs from people’s hands are free to grow and spread. When you get a commercial deep clean, you keep your handles and switches free from germs, and you keep your customers and employees healthy and happy.

Vacuum Carpet

Vacuum cleaners tend to release many of the dust allergens stuck in the carpet back into the air. When you get a commercial deep clean, you can expect a highly filtered vacuum to minimize the existence of dust particles and other allergens. This not only makes your carpet look better but it significantly increases the quality of the air in your commercial space.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are big and, as a result, are rarely moved so one can clean under and behind them. When left uncleaned, these spaces tend to get filthy. This unseen grime can attract pests, create a stench, and promote the growth of different molds, germs, and bacterias. When you get a commercial deep clean from Real World Cleaning Service, we clean out the inside of your appliances and move them to get behind, below, and around the appliance.


Bathrooms, especially those of the public variety, are notoriously dirty. Our cleaning crew goes to great lengths to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your bathroom by cleaning and sanitizing the floor, toilet(s), and fixtures. While standard mopping and wiping down fixtures are needed, routine deep cleans should also be performed to keep your bathroom free of disease-causing germs and foul scents.


Would you lick a vent? Neither would we, but isn’t breathing the air that came in contact with the vent pretty much the same thing? Vents are breeding grounds for dust particles and allergens, and when they haven’t been cleaned, the air quality in your home is drastically reduced. Our professional deep clean team will ensure that every one of your vents is free from dust and other harmful particles so you, your customers, and employees always have a breath of fresh air.

How Often Do I Need A Commercial Deep Clean?

When it comes to commercial deep cleans, the question of how often is going to depend on your space and what it is used for. Areas used for manufacturing will require more frequent deep cleans, but a simple office or retail space will require less. We recommend biannual or quarterly commercial deep cleans for most areas. If your space is used less, you might be able to get away with annual deep cleans, but we wouldn’t push it any further than that.

Real World Cleaning Commercial Deep Clean Service

Are you in need of a commercial deep clean in Columbus? If so, Real World Cleaning is here for you. Contact us today for more information on our professional deep clean service or a quote!