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How To Make Your House Smell Good

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We can’t smell our own homes. Which should cause a little bit of pause when you’re thinking about entertaining. What if our homes smell bad, and we’ve just gotten used to it? In this post, we’ll look at some comprehensive ways for how to make your house smell good. Welcome friends and family without worrying about the smell.

Proper Cleaning to Neutralize the Bad Smells

When thinking about how to make your house smell good, you might want to start with candles and purifiers. But applying good smells over the top of bad smells can be difficult. Bad smells can be tough to drown out.

Keeping your house clean is vital to maintain a neutral home smell. From a neutral position, a slight bit of fresh air can make things smell wonderful.

Gravity makes things settle downward. Dust, debris, and particles end up on your floors. And these things can begin to take on a smell that radiates upward. Keeping your floors clean will help fight off a musty house smell. Additionally, cleaning your walls can help too.

Make sure to keep places that have a lot of chemicals and ingredients clean. The kitchen and the bathroom are two culprits for odd-smelling houses. Throw out food in the fridge, keep the oven clean, and pour cleaner down your bathroom drains.

Make sure to keep your bedroom clean. It’s even a great idea to take your sheets, mattress topper, and pillow cases out into the sun once in a while to burn things off. Fresh air in the bedroom is absolutely vital.

Circulation and Air

Once you’ve gotten rid of the bad smells, you need to get the air moving. Air that just sits in one place can become stale, even in a super clean place. If you live in the middle of a bustling city, the pollution may not smell great. You may want to keep things a bit closed off. If you’re out in the country you should open things up! And wherever you live, crank those windows open after it rains.

Just Moved?

Because we get used to the smells, good and bad, in our own homes moving can be a sensation shock. Hunt for the source of smells in your new home. You’ve got a very valuable first week where you haven’t adjusted to the smells. Use this time to find problem areas. Learning how to make your house smell good is easiest when you know where it smells bad!

How To Make Your House Smell Good: Tips

  • Candles over aerosols. Where aerosols simply seek to mask a bad smell, candles have a flame that can actively burn off unwanted chemicals and particles floating about.
  • Dehumidifiers. If the air is humid, it will smell bad. Use a dehumidifier to get a crisper, cleaner smell to your home.
  • Essential oils. Burning and circulating essential oils can be a gentle, peaceful way to make things smell better.

Conclusion: Keep it Clean

Using artificial smells to mask a bad house odor will only work so well. The best way to make your house smell good is to start with a neutral smell. If you start with a bad smell, you’ll have to do a lot to overcome the bad smell, much less make your house smell good. Residential cleaning services can prevent the buildup of odd house smells. Keep bad smells neutral, and a tiny candle will fill your whole home.