Cleaning Tips

Motivation For Cleaning: How To Motivate Yourself To Clean

It’s not your fault. There are tons of things more fun than cleaning. Motivation for cleaning can be hard to come by unless we’re procrastinating something even less exciting!

Most of us aren’t motivated to do things unless we understand both the immediate and long-term impacts of the thing. Let’s take a look at the reasons that you should clean!

Motivation For Cleaning: Why Cleaning Is Good

1. Feeling Productive

Cleaning is one of the many small things that contributes to an overall feeling of productivity. While it can feel good to sit back and watch TV, letting the dishes pile up, cleaning will make you feel amazing!

Figure out the way that you like to clean. If you love lists, make a list and cross things off with a flourish. If you are a spontaneous cleaner, then clean in a hurry. If you need extra motivation, pick a podcast that you love and only let yourself listen to it while cleaning! Motivation for cleaning can come from cleaning itself or the joy of music and podcasts.

2. Contributes to Your Physical Health

Having a clean home can reduce the spread of germs and dust. Reducing germs and dust can help you get sick less. It can also help your allergies!

By cleaning your home often, you won’t just feel better about your health, you’ll actually be healthier. While we often think about kitchens and bathrooms when it comes to physical health, cleaning the floor is also important.

3. Space Reflects Your Inner Self

Our homes say things about us. By cleaning and reorganizing, you can change what your home says about you. One of the people that our home speaks to is, well, ourselves! Your home doesn’t just say things to other people–it says things to you.

If your home is saying “my life is a bit messy” or “I’m a bit disorganized and stressed right now” then change those sentences by cleaning! A clean house says “I’m doing great at life” and “I take care of myself because I matter.”

4. Makes a Good Lifestyle

Yes, cleaning is good for your lifestyle too! It gets you moving, engages your mind with objects, and allows you to feel productive. When you get moving and cleaning, you get inspired to clean other things in your life. Doing some dishes easily allows time for you to reflect on other things in life.

Not sure where to start? Check out some tips and tricks on how to clean the house.

5. Facilitates Relationships

One thing that is sufficient motivation for cleaning for most of us: people coming over to our house. Many of us don’t want other people to see the way our house or apartment looks when we haven’t cleaned for a few days! But having an apartment that is always pretty clean helps facilitate relationships because you’re always ready for others to come over.

Still Don’t Want to Clean?

Want most of these benefits, but still feel a bit overwhelmed? Check out our residential cleaning services. For some people, the motivation for cleaning isn’t there because so many other things are going on in life. That’s okay! Many people decide that hiring a business to clean is a better use of their time and money.