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How To Clean Grout: Beyond Toothbrushes

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Grabbing an old toothbrush to polish off the grout in your kitchen, bathroom, or counter tile is not an effective way to clean the grout. While the technique is a classic, it usually doesn’t have enough force to really get your grout shiny and clean.

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How To Clean Grout: Household Items

Scrubbing with a disinfectant wipe will tear up the wipe and can damage your fingers and nails. Not only is grout hard, but it also has a texture like sandpaper. That means that anything you go after it with will need to stand up to the force.


As people begin trading disposable toothbrushes for brush head replacements, you might not even have extra brushes floating around. Skip the toothbrushes, which often get eaten up by the grout really quickly.

Kitchen Sponge

You might not have a bunch of spare cleaning brushes sitting around but probably have some extra kitchen sponges. The tough side of the sponge combines really nicely with other chemicals to brush away the grime on grout. Looking for how to clean grout the easy way? Grab a kitchen sponge!

Hydrogen Peroxide

If you mix two parts baking soda and one part hydrogen peroxide, you can make an effective grout cleaner. The solution should form a paste that you can paint onto the grout. Leave it for a few minutes, then scrub it away with a brush.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Popular for school science volcanos, baking soda and vinegar is actually an effective cleaning solution. When baking soda hits vinegar, the chemicals react to form water and carbon dioxide. Unlike your sparkling water, which has a little CO2, this reaction has a lot of CO2.

Putting a bit of baking soda and vinegar on grout can gently foam and lift impurities from the grout. Try a little in a corner first to make sure that it isn’t reacting with the color of the grout or the tile. Once you get the reaction to occur on the grout, use a brush or a rag to bring out the full cleaning power.


Rags can actually be a really effective way to scrub the grout. The texture of the towel, when folded over, can give you some nice leverage for tough spots.

Take Your Time

One of the ways that people fail to get the grout as clean as it could be is by rushing. You can’t rush a good round of grout cleaning. It will take time. Just like good vacuuming, you’re going to want to move slowly over each line of grout.

Residential Cleaning for Grout

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