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How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are the forgotten part of kitchen cleaning. You spend hours keeping up with the endless flow of dirty dishes and wiping down counters. How are kitchen cabinets supposed to be cleaned? With what products? Knowing how to clean kitchen cabinets will make it a part of your cleaning routine.

Unlike the microwave and stove, you don’t use the cabinets. You use what’s behind the cabinets. The cabinets are an afterthought that can collect dirt, grease, and bacteria as our hands quickly throw them open and shut.

Advice about how to clean kitchen cabinets will vary based on the material. Wood, painted, and laminate cabinets all require different techniques.

Health Risks Of Dirty Cabinets

Research has shown that kitchens harbor more bacteria than bathrooms. Sponges, counters, sinks, and partially cleaned dishes contribute. But cabinets are also an infected offender.

We generally forget to clean our cabinets. We toss them open and push them shut with hands dirty from dishes or food preparation. As a New York Times article pointed out, the bacteria that we fear (toilet seats) and the bacteria that exist are different.

Learning How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Keep your kitchen from spreading dirt and germs by cleaning the kitchen cabinets! Most home cleaning services offer a number of kitchen services, including cabinets. If you aren’t sure how to clean kitchen cabinets, try having a home cleaning service take care of them for you!


For laminate cabinets, use an all-purpose cleaner. Finish with an anti-bacterial cleaner.


Wood cabinets can have stains or waxes that can be damaged over time by improper cabinet cleaning. Use a basic soap and oil wood cleaning product to gently restore the shine. Wipe down and dry thoroughly so that water doesn’t seep into the wood.

Protect wood cabinets over the stove from steam by cleaning them more often than other cabinets. Regular exposure to steam can begin to warp the wood and damage the finish.


Painted cabinets have a wood base. Too much water can warp the wood and crack the paint. If the paint is oil-based, then the cabinets can handle a good amount of scrubbing.

Hiring a Cleaning Service

Cabinets require regular cleaning with the right tools. Hiring a professional cleaning service has many perks. Professional cleaners have the right tools for the job. They will clean your cabinets properly and often prevent long term damage.

Damaging your cabinets with poor cleaning means you’ll pay more in the long run for renovations. Replacing kitchen cabinets can cost between $1,000 and $9,000!

How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets On The Inside

If you store food or dishes in your cabinets, they will accumulate dirt and food waste over time. If you’re learning how to clean kitchen cabinets, you should also focus on the inside of the cabinets. Use any all-purpose cleaner to wipe down the inside of the cabinet, then disinfect with an anti-bacterial product. If you don’t clean the inside of your cabinets, they will transfer bacteria and dirt to clean dishes.

Getting Your Kitchen Cabinets Cleaned

The average American adult cleans for 13 hours a week! A residential cleaning service can help you figure out how to clean kitchen cabinets by doing it for you. You could do so many different things with the extra time you spend cleaning. An affordable cleaning service can give you back hundreds of hours a year for a small investment. If you’re looking for some professional help to get your time back, get a quote on our cleaning services today!