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About McArthur Ohio

To live in McArthur, OH means living near plenty of natural beauty! You can spend time on the shore of Lake Hope at Lake Hope State Park. Or you can visit Zaleski State Forest and take in the hills while you hike. When you live in a small town, especially one close to nature, you may need a housekeeping service but have a hard time finding one.

If you’re like many residents of McArthur, you have a busy schedule. That means that you might be looking for a trustworthy, professional cleaning service to keep your home in top shape. Do you want to keep your house clean and tidy, but still have time to enjoy life? Then Real World Cleaning Services is for you. You can enjoy local favorites such as Lake Hope Lodge or the Main Eatery. And afterwards, you can know you are coming home to a clean, relaxing space.

McArthur Maid Services

Residential Cleaning

If you always feel short on time, it can make life stressful! A residential cleaning service can help give you more hours in your day. You can worry less about cleaning your bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, and kitchen. At Real World Cleaning Services, we can help with everything from dusting to dishes.

Commercial Cleaning

McArthur, OH is home to a number of offices and businesses. And as you know, when you run a business it can be difficult to keep things clean and tidy. Commercial cleaning services at Real World Cleaning Services can help keep your offices, break rooms, and bathrooms clean and sanitary.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are hard to keep clean at the best of times. But when you live in a small town with lots of opportunities to spend time in nature, it can be even harder! Over time, you may find your carpet and floors looking dingy. Fortunately, Real World Cleaning Services can help with the deep clean you and your carpet deserve.

Just because you live in a small town, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the best professional maid service around! Real World Cleaning Services can help you keep your McArthur home looking beautiful.

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Fun Fact

Did you know that McArthur used to be named McArthurstown? Fortunately, someone decided that was too much of a mouthful!

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We’re confident you’ll be happy with our house cleaning services! If for any reason you are unhappy with your cleaning, please contact our office within 24 hours and we will send a team back to correct any areas you are unhappy with. We love what we do and truly believe in providing our clients with the highest quality of service! 

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Real World Cleaning Services offers professional house cleaning, residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, and cabin cleaning in the Dublin Ohio, Logan Ohio and Lancaster Ohio areas.