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Tipping for cleaning services: Why, how much, and how often?

“How much should I tip a worker for house cleaning or office cleaning services?” This is a question we’re frequently asked! Every industry is a bit different, so it can be tricky to decide on a gratuity amount that feels both appropriate and a warm gesture of thanks. As a residential and commercial cleaning company, we’re in a great position to give you some clarity on this topic. So, right from the source, here’s the scoop on how much to tip for cleaning services.

First off, let’s look at the why. Some of our clients worry that tipping might not be a welcome gesture, especially for commercial cleaning services. Clients worry that the gesture might seem odd or out of place in that context. We can reassure you that, as with service providers across most convenience industries, a worker in the house cleaning and office cleaning industry will indeed appreciate a gratuity for their hard work. A good “why,” then, is simply that your tip will be appreciated.

And of course, we’ve also found that many of our clients enjoy giving that tip!

Your cleaner may come to feel like an important part of what makes your space comfortable. Of course, it’s always a delight to walk into a freshly vacuumed, fresh-smelling room. But great cleaning services often go a step beyond the call of duty to include a host of extra “little things.” Perhaps your cat bolts for the door the moment it opens a crack. While house cleaning, your cleaner might be extra-vigilant to not let Mittens make her bid for freedom. Or while office cleaning, your cleaner might make an effort to leave cleaning the staff room until later so that workers can enjoy their lunch break. Those little things can go a long way, and a tip is a great way to show that you noticed.

In terms of how much and how often to tip for cleaning services, 15 to 20 percent is a good rule of thumb. If you’re paying for a one-off house cleaning or office cleaning, you can of course opt to leave a tip on a session-by-session basis. If, on the other hand, you use the same cleaner on a regular schedule, you may decide to leave a tip once every month, or every few months. Oh, and while we’re talking about rules of thumb for costing out residential cleaning services, check out our blog post on estimating house cleaning costs.

When to consider tipping more

You have the basic info on tipping now. But what if your cleaning company representative performs a truly exemplary service? A larger gratuity is never a routine expectation when working with a reputable commercial and residential cleaning company. However, here are some situations where you might consider offering a tip above the 15 to 20 percent range:

When a cleaner goes the extra mile

If you feel your cleaner has performed a minor cleaning miracle in your home, a larger tip might be appropriate. For example, you may have requested an office cleaning at extremely short notice. Or perhaps an enormous (and messy!) kid’s birthday party meant an extra rigorous house cleaning was in order. Or perhaps you just haven’t felt motivated to clean the bathroom for a while and need an extra intensive helping hand. We get it. It happens!


A large commercial cleaning job at short notice

Most commercial cleaning companies have a set schedule for cleaning, but with a big meeting just around the corner, you may ask your office cleaning team to come in at extremely short notice. Of course, you can expect this kind of flexibility from a cleaning company like Real World Cleaning Services. We’ll always do our best to accommodate you – that’s what we’re about. But your cleaners will always appreciate recognition for timing flexibility if you decide a tip is appropriate.


If in doubt, communicate

Ultimately, there’s no rule or expectation within the cleaning services industry on when to tip more. It is entirely your call. Some people are concerned about tipping extra because they know they can’t afford a bonus tip on an ongoing basis. There’s an easy workaround here; when you give a tip, just take a moment to express why you’ve chosen to pay extra this time around. It never hurts to communicate a clear word of thanks for an office or house cleaning job well done.

And here’s a cleaning company’s tip for you:

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