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Quick Tips for a Last-Minute Cleanup

Having our family, friends, or SOs visit us is always a joyous occasion that promises a ton of fun and great memories. However, if you’re not in a habit of cleaning regularly or having pro house cleaners from Logan do it for you, you may find yourself in a bit of a predicament (to put it mildly). Panic intensifies as you scramble around the house, picking things left and right, frantically looking for a place...

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Mastering the Art of Bathroom Cleaning

As one of the most frequently used facilities in the home, the bathroom tends to accumulate a lot of dirt, grime, and germs in a short period of time. In addition, high moisture levels create an environment conducive to the development of mold and mildew, which can further exacerbate the unsanitary conditions.  Since the bathroom is the place where daily hygiene, grooming, and toileting rituals take place, it should always be up to par with...

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Spring Cleaning Tips

Temperatures are finally going up, the long freeze is over, and you can get those windows open and start refreshing your home! The first thing many people think to do after coming out from under the blankets is to do some good old spring house cleaning. At Real World Cleaning Services, we know a thing or two about house cleaning in Ohio, so we wanted to offer a few helpful tips to let you get...

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Tipping for cleaning services: Why, how much, and how often?

“How much should I tip a worker for house cleaning or office cleaning services?” This is a question we’re frequently asked! Every industry is a bit different, so it can be tricky to decide on a gratuity amount that feels both appropriate and a warm gesture of thanks. As a residential and commercial cleaning company, we’re in a great position to give you some clarity on this topic. So, right from the source, here’s the scoop on how much to...

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Motivation For Cleaning: How To Motivate Yourself To Clean

It’s not your fault. There are tons of things more fun than cleaning. Motivation for cleaning can be hard to come by unless we’re procrastinating something even less exciting! Most of us aren’t motivated to do things unless we understand both the immediate and long-term impacts of the thing. Let’s take a look at the reasons that you should clean! Motivation For Cleaning: Why Cleaning Is Good 1. Feeling Productive Cleaning is one of the many small things that contributes to an overall feeling...

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Things To Consider When Hiring A House Cleaning Service

Hiring a house cleaning service can be a great way to save time and make your home a more relaxing space. But instead of hiring the first cleaning company you come across, consider these key factors to help you separate the poor-quality providers from excellent ones. Which Rooms Are Serviced? Excellent house cleaning services will take care of all the major areas of your home. In this way, their service will be complete and take care of many common cleaning requirements. A good service should ideally...

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How To Clean The House Faster: Tips And Tricks

The faster things are clean, the faster you can move onto more productive things like self-care and work. Sometimes, it feels like cleaning the house can eat hours out of your day. In this post, we’re going to explore how to clean the house faster. How to Clean the House Faster? Plan Before Starting Take a quick walkthrough of your house to identify what you want to focus on. This will give you some idea of what you want to tackle during your cleaning...

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How To Clean Grout: Beyond Toothbrushes

Grabbing an old toothbrush to polish off the grout in your kitchen, bathroom, or counter tile is not an effective way to clean the grout. While the technique is a classic, it usually doesn’t have enough force to really get your grout shiny and clean. Need extra help getting that grout or carpet clean? Check out our cleaning services. If you know someone else who could use the gift of some precious hours, get them a cleaning services gift card so that they...

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How To Make Your House Smell Good

We can’t smell our own homes. Which should cause a little bit of pause when you’re thinking about entertaining. What if our homes smell bad, and we’ve just gotten used to it? In this post, we’ll look at some comprehensive ways for how to make your house smell good. Welcome friends and family without worrying about the smell. Proper Cleaning to Neutralize the Bad Smells When thinking about how to make your house smell good, you might want to start with candles...

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How to Clean The House: Tips And Tricks

Most of us are never taught how to clean the house. You may have certain habits and tricks that we’ve picked up from parents and adults, but not a holistic system. Any biases they had been passed down to you. Use our weekly and monthly cleaning checklist to make sure you aren’t missing something. Clean houses are healthier to live in and have powerful positive psychological effects. Let’s check out some tips for how to clean the house: How to Clean the House:...

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